How to Survive the Phoenix Arizona Heat

I remember the first time I visited Phoenix by flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor. I was on my way to Chandler AZ. It was during the middle of the heat in the summer time in late June. Having sat in an air-conditioned airplane and walked through an air-conditioned concourse I was feeling pretty cool and pretty good. I walked up to the sliding doors that exit is to the outside went through the first one and noticed man its sorta warm then the second set of doors automatically opened and I was confronted with a blast furnace. I have never experienced such intense heat and it was quite an impact.

This is nothing new to many local Arizona residents. They’re used to the intense four months of heat that typically lasts from June through September. Exceedingly hot years include the month of May and October but generally it cools down in the other months and it’s a beautiful place to live. So how do you survive here in the summer? Simply put, you stay out of the Heat and you drink a lot of water and you pay a lot of electricity for your air conditioning bills. It doesn’t mean that you can’t endure these intensely hot summers but we do pay the price of the beautiful Winters with these extremely hot summers. Never the less, most residents will often say I’d rather shovel sunshine and snow any day of the week. I really agree with them after having lived in both situations. At least, with the intense heat you can dress lightly and just go into an air-conditioned store restaurant or home. As a matter of fact, most places feel cold because they have the refrigerated air cranked up pretty high.

So be very careful in this intense heat and make sure you still stay well hydrated. As a little side note, the most intense rain I’ve ever seen in my life has occurred here in the Arid desert during the monsoon season typically around August. My wife and I were driving on the 101 and most locals recognized a freeway which goes from Chandler up into Scottsdale we got off the 101 to go east on the 60 which goes through Mesa and Gilbert. The rain was coming down torrential hard and we actually had to pull over on the side of the road and stopped because we can barely see the front of our own car with the amount of rain falling. That’s a lot of rain to see you at one time so when these monsoons let loose you’ve got to be careful and not be out in a situation that you can get hurt. Definitely don’t be in any watches or Royals when these occur because they produce extremely bad flash floods.

Spice & Phoenix Tow Truck

Phoenix is also known as the Valley of the Sun for good reason. There’s no shortage of sun for most of the year. The four months from June through September are hot by any definition and any stretch of the imagination. Daily temperatures over 105 in reaching up the even 120 degrees F are a common occurrence during those four months. No wonder it is called the Valley of the Sun. So when the car dies and needs a tow truck it is better in the winter than the summer. Just the opposite of the northern states where the winters are dangerous.

Phoenix Skyline Downtown Tow TruckShoveling Snow or Sunshine?

Even though it’s hot during those four months of the year the other eight months are about as nice as they can be. The common phrase “I’d rather shovel Sunshine than snow” is often heard. We feel for our Northern counterparts during the winter when they’re digging out from torrential snowstorms and we are sitting in our backyards sipping a margarita.

There is much to do in the city of Phoenix. Phoenix is just one city surrounded by a great multitude of suburbs. To the South and East San Tan Valley in Queen Creek Arizona stretching to the Northwest up into Glendale. Scottsdale is a well-known Phoenix area tourist destination with abundant nightlife and lots to do. To the Northwest lies Mesa Arizona which is a well-known and extremely large suburb of Phoenix. Intel calls Chandler Arizona home. Chandler is a beautiful suburb with a popular smaller downtown location full of nightlife and good restaurants. If you’re in the mood for some great coffee stop at Peyoto┬áin downtown Chandler to have some Brazilian coffee crafted in a much more European fashion than the typical Starbucks version that is loaded with sugar.

Ostriches in Chandler AZ

We have spent a lot of time in Chandler Arizona and I’ve actually had to have our car picked up by a great tow company http://www.tow Fortunately, for us, our car didn’t die during those four hot months so we didn’t have to become crispy French fries waiting for the tow truck to arrive. And fortunately, for us the service was great and they arrived quickly. One of the cool things about Chandler is the yearly ostrich Festival which occurs in March. You would never have thought that Chandler was home to a large population of Australian ostriches but it is. So we were really happy this tow truck service was available to help us when we needed it.

Needing a Tow Truck

So after this unfortunate event of needing a tow truck, we decided to go out for some really good spicy Latin food. We ended up at Si Senors on Alma School Rd which uses the wonderful New Mexico green chili which is such a regional favorite. The flavor of this chili is off the charts and its unlike most Mexican foods we get anywhere else. Most of that food is usually a Tex-Mex variation and New Mexican Cuisine is a lot different and we think better. It is definitely nice to have some new Mexican food in Chandler and in the Southeast Phoenix valleys. Check out these shops and restaurants if you are in the area, they are worth the visit. Hopefully, you won’t need a tow truck if you get to visit the hot and spicy Phoenix AZ area.

Thanks to Tow Chandler for helping us get to our destination that day by providing such good roadside assistance that was needed.